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Crisis Management

As the name suggests, a crisis can have disastrous, irreversible consequences for any business. In the current corporate climate, it is crucial to detect possible risks early on before they turn into crises in order to stay ahead of problems.

With a complicated, multilayered and constantly evolving regulatory landscape, failure to stay within the lines is common, and a crisis is never too far away. Moreover, the impact of an inquiry resulting from a business breach or disaster can have substantial reputational, economic, emotional and even criminal consequences.

As highly-experienced business and financial experts, TCS’s adept advisors are able to spot a crisis a mile away, which usually happens during the course of delivering our other services. We then immediately bring this to our client’s attention with actionable advice and practical measures to steer clear of any impending crisis.

Should the unavoidable happen, however, a prompt, tailored response is essential.

Immediate intervention and a strategic response built on our advisor’s extensive business knowledge and experience can mitigate these ramifications significantly.

From the first point of contact, our team of specialists offers strategic guidance and will move quickly to give the necessary assistance, both locally and remotely in order to rectify whatever crisis our clients are experiencing. In order to handle the immediate aftermath of a crisis and prevent future escalation, we provide prompt, proactive, strategic solutions.

Expertly Managed

Here is an example of a crisis Tungsten Corporate Services was able to expertly manage:

A successful client that had been in business for over 40 years with 60+ employees had their bank accounts and VAT portal disabled as a result of a ransomware attack.

HMRC issued a statutory demand and winding up petition. Tungsten determined that the client was actually owed corporation tax that negated the original demand and swiftly recommended expert legal advice that was able to achieve a stay on the petition.

Tungsten also negotiated with the client’s bank to unfreeze the original account and assisted the client with further advice to ensure the ongoing viability of their business.

That was in 2017, and since then, the client has increased the size of their business several fold thanks to their continued association with Tungsten.

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